What we look for

We focus on investments in businesses where we can support growth and change. In partnering with EMK, businesses and management teams get access to more than just capital – we work together to generate ideas on how to take a business forward and act as a catalyst for delivering change.

We have the capability to commit from tens to hundreds of millions of Euro of equity to a single investment from our fund and often look to invest materially more through the life of an investment where attractive growth opportunities exist.

We typically make majority investments over periods of three to seven years in the business services, consumer and industrials sectors. Whilst we are flexible about the situations we target, we have extensive experience supporting management buyouts, corporate carve outs, growth equity, special situations and management succession.

Investment strategy

Implementing transformative growth

EMK seeks investments where it can support change to substantially grow profits:

Driving revenue growth

EMK is committed to helping its investee companies grow providing both expertise and capital. EMK has a long track record of investing in capex and acquisitions. EMK also brings huge experience of strategic growth initiatives in product innovation, applying technology, sales and marketing, data optimisation and utilisation, as well as market / geographic expansion.

Driving Efficiencies

EMK has a proven track record supporting companies achieve cost leadership through investment in state of the art procurement, operations and financial management.

Management Development

EMK is committed to support its portfolio companies develop ever stronger management teams able to deliver the ambitious goals they set themselves. EMK provides deep expertise and relationships in assessment, professional development and recruitment to its portfolio companies.

Openness to sectors / businesses in little known or unfashionable sectors

EMK’s culture is to reject preconceived ideas or received wisdom and to instead build a detailed understanding of each business / market it invests in from the bottom up. We are not put off by business models or sectors currently not favoured by other PE firms or where there is a history of underperformance or financial distress as long as we understand a clear path to substantial value creation.

Willingness to accept transaction complexity

EMK is happy to work through challenging transactional situations to make an investment. We are willing to try to accommodate vendors including founders who may have specific and untypical requirements.